Poetry is of the soul, a journey taking us to the very depths of who we are as a human. It is the observation of the human condition and all that we aspire to be.

Poetry gives us hope in a chaotic world, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The passion of poetry is in all of hearts. No matter if we are lovers or friends or just silhouettes in the night, poetry is ours from sunrise to sunset and all the time in between.
Poetry is the beat of the hearts of lovers everywhere. It is the language of humanity throughout the ages of mankind.
Poetry will being us closer to our human souls in the new age of mankind, no matter how near or far we are from one another.

Latest Posts

“Rhythm Of The Rain”

Looking the front windowI see the rain,falling from a pregnant sky, washing away memories of you,as it beats, beatson my lonely window pain. The droplets scatter hurriedlylike your love did,away from my thunderous soul. The damp earth saturatedby the deluge,is how our kisses used to be. Flowing rain in a thunderstorm,passionate and wildto the thunderContinue reading ““Rhythm Of The Rain””

“A Worldly Love”

Warm Brownstoneson the New York’s Westside,especially in Autumn’s crisp breeze. New York is for lover’s that never sleep. An intoxicating locationthe wandering Seven Hills of Rome,tasting fine wine lips of romance. Degusta zione di vino labbra di romanticism. Strolling the Des Champs Elyseesin the extraordinare of the city lights,of passionate Paris of intimate moments. Dan’sContinue reading ““A Worldly Love””


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