Isn’t it sunny how women think they deserve a fair shake? Isn’t it funny how they think they deserve equality in the world? Well let me tell you something, it’s not funny and I’m not laughing. Women deserve all the beauty of the world. Not just a pretty dress or a diamond ring. No, they deserve and desire the beauty of love, trust, faith, respect and compassion. If you can’t see that you are as blind as a fool that should sit in a dark room with a burlap sack over your head. And you know who I mean.

The time of barefoot and pregnant is gone. Women are brilliant and beautiful people. The bearers of human life and without one I wouldn’t be writing this right now, would I? I would be in the woods with all the other supposed men of the world hiding from the bears and hiding our food from the raccoons. We wouldn’t have the wheel, the radio, the car, the theory of relativity, the Polio Vaccine, the Declaration of Independence, or any marvel of humanity. I bet you never thought of it that way huh? Without women there would be no world. Well, you have give some credit to God for creating them in the first place. But they did all the work. They populated the world with their flesh and blood and love for a new born baby. They gave us the above mentioned creations of the modern world and scientific breakthroughs by creating the creators of these things mentioned. Plus thousands more.

With no good woman to love how far can the fall of mankind be. A year from now, a decade, or tomorrow, who knows? For they bring beauty, common sense and logic to a chaotic world gone even madder in the rise of recent events. While they thrive and are alive, so is the world to survive. They are doctors, lawyers, nurses, CEOs, Congresswomen, writers, poets, actresses, policewomen candlestick makers, bakers, shop owners, bankers whatever and when ever they want to be and do.

For they are the true love of life and laughter in the world. And I for one am proud and privileged to have them as friends. There is a song by Helen Reddy, “I Am Woman”. Listen to the song, hear them roar. But if you listened to them in the first place, they wouldn’t have to roar. They are common sense logic in a man’s world. It seems like men need to run rampant in our China shop society making things worse with their bravado, thinking with the wrong head. Open your eyes and ears hear them so we can dream, love and be thrive together in a human world. They are the best part of our existence. Believe in them, as they believe in themselves and in humanity.

“Appreciate women and love them all”

Published by poetryofemotions5778

I have been writing poetry for 44 years. I began writing poetry when I was 15 years old and to this date I have written over 16,000 poems. I have had poems published in The San Fernando Journal, The Rag Mag, WYRD, The Cultural Reverence(e-magazine) and in Kiiroo(e-magazine), Mobius and the World Peace Anthology. I have over 1000 poems published in all. I also have a poetry page on Wix.com entitled anemotionaljourney.com. I also have written a Science Fiction/Fantasy novel entitled "The Blue Sphere" and I am currently working on three other books at the present time. The first is entitled "The Angel and the Witches, the second is "Once Upon A Halloween" and the third is "The Devil's Playground".

2 thoughts on ““Women”

  1. I often think of how different life is now for what it has been for women for centuries, thousands of years even. But I was reading a heartbreaking article about child brides the other day which reminded me that sadly in some areas things have not really changed.

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    1. The only time things will change is when men quit running around like bulls in a China shop and give women their chance in the spotlight of humanity. After all they are smarter, stronger in many ways and have the common sense to stop and ask for directions. Men have been losing this world for centuries. Now that it is almost gone to greed and male bravado, I think they should stop and ask a women’s opinion.

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