“Society’s Rapture”

It is death I seek, 
the death of hate, 
the demise of bigotry, 
the closed eyes of apathy's finality.

For a true society 
of any esteem, 
cannot survive, 
while these black marks are alive.

For it is upon us, 
night's darkness,
shadowing our humanity, 
spreading man's wicked insanity.

Tasting of bitterness, 
the scent of hate's fear 
enables evil to dwell, 
we must send it directly to hell.

For it was born there, 
upon a single seed, 
invoke its departure, 
this upon God's heavenly rapture.

Timothy Michael DiVito c2020
“The final days are here?”

Published by poetryofemotions5778

I have been writing poetry for 44 years. I began writing poetry when I was 15 years old and to this date I have written over 16,000 poems. I have had poems published in The San Fernando Journal, The Rag Mag, WYRD, The Cultural Reverence(e-magazine) and in Kiiroo(e-magazine), Mobius and the World Peace Anthology. I have over 1000 poems published in all. I also have a poetry page on Wix.com entitled anemotionaljourney.com. I also have written a Science Fiction/Fantasy novel entitled "The Blue Sphere" and I am currently working on three other books at the present time. The first is entitled "The Angel and the Witches, the second is "Once Upon A Halloween" and the third is "The Devil's Playground".

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