“Take My Hand”

Take my hand,
journeying  to heaven
love was. . . .
never this amazing.

Lead me to romance
to hold, to understand
this is what love. . . .
is truly supposed to be.

As the day bleeds into night,
we entwine intoxicated
on wine. . . .
drinking from the cup
of the world so sweet.

Our silhouettes rise and fall
upon a bed
of passionate dreams
tasting the wine. . . .
with you my sincere love.

So we can become one,
take my hand
memorable of lifetime,
one starting. . . .
with but a true kiss of love.

Timothy Michael DiVito c2020
“Take my hand and we will become one”

Published by poetryofemotions5778

I have been writing poetry for 44 years. I began writing poetry when I was 15 years old and to this date I have written over 16,000 poems. I have had poems published in The San Fernando Journal, The Rag Mag, WYRD, The Cultural Reverence(e-magazine) and in Kiiroo(e-magazine), Mobius and the World Peace Anthology. I have over 1000 poems published in all. I also have a poetry page on Wix.com entitled anemotionaljourney.com. I also have written a Science Fiction/Fantasy novel entitled "The Blue Sphere" and I am currently working on three other books at the present time. The first is entitled "The Angel and the Witches, the second is "Once Upon A Halloween" and the third is "The Devil's Playground".

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