“Embrace Of The Angel’s Dance”

Of the soul so genuine,to be given freely from sweetnessof our lives we can gain control,these black days will be concealed. Now healing in the spiritonce again to see the light of day.Fear not the strange darkness,it fades leaving us bathed in hope’s light. All we hope for is within us,the darkness recedes behind stars,asContinue reading ““Embrace Of The Angel’s Dance””

“Love’s Magical Touch”

Is it not for love’s amazementthat this world breathes,far beyond ordinary dreams. Touching the sky of hope oftenwith intimate moments,such as the world has never seen. Kiss me upon some starry nightheld in high esteem,as the fire of desire grows. Like a rain shower bathing Earthquenching our thirst,for miracles in the universe of humanity. ThisContinue reading ““Love’s Magical Touch””

“As The World Sleeps”

And in the endwho do we really havebut one another. . . .to embracein the dark of night,momentsbefore the dawn. Fearful of the light. . . .yet but one kissupon our lips,can chase awaythe shadows. On this nightof intimacyso free spirited. . . . we shallsatisfy our hungereating at us,like the dawn devoursthe retreating night.Continue reading ““As The World Sleeps””

“Love Like A Rising Sun”

Shall our lovewarm like a thousand suns,on this grayNovember day,bathing dreary memoriesto dark extinction. Our faith burnsbrilliantly created by hope,so deepwithin ourvibrant human souls,we taste the burn. Grateful for this fact,we rise to the heat of passionthat sweatsupon our skinintimately warmingthat which feeds our hunger. Timothy Michael DiVito c2021

“Into The Dead of Night”

It is of death this world,the stench of rancid meat layingon the side of a desert road,blackbirds circle the last bastion of man. Is humanity dead,as the sun warms it tenderlyfalling from grace,reviving it will take love’s diversity. To bring it back to lifelike the fads of the turbulent 60’s,bell bottoms for the coolfree loveContinue reading ““Into The Dead of Night””

“Carnival Of The Soul”

Enter at your own risk,there are noguarantees of survivalunless you possessthe golden ticket of hope. Play a game or tworide the wheel of lifeso fantastic,roll the dice my friendtake a chanceon life so phenomenal. Taste the cotton candyin your mouth,bitter without faith’sdelicate balance,for without ityou will not finish the game. Grab the brass ring,hold itContinue reading ““Carnival Of The Soul””

“Days Of Youthful Persuasion”

Oh the gentle days of youthwhen grass was our home,the blue sky an awe-inspiring roof, all in between was our kingdom for mere moments out of a lifetime. We were kings of the universe ruling the wild blue yonder and beyond. Climbing ivory towers to savethe fair maiden in distress,or to touch the face ofContinue reading ““Days Of Youthful Persuasion””