“Love Under A New Born Sun”

The ultimate deathupon the night is of love’s intimacy, tragic loss of tendernessof passion’s early light of dawn’s brilliance, to kiss of the embrace,to entwine upon the masterpiece of desire. To touch, to seethe love of your shooting dreams, in the starsof your lover’s eyes so celestial. We gather in the vibrance,to entwine in theContinue reading ““Love Under A New Born Sun””

“Love Upon A Spanish Night”

Do you see itDo you hear itDo you smell itDo you taste it La libertad del amorSobre las alas de la Noche Visions of romanceSounds of lovers in loveThe aroma of roses in SpringtimeHoney lips of red wine Pasion tan intensaEstar enamorado esta en el alma. A caress of the skinHearing love’s tendernessThe sound soContinue reading ““Love Upon A Spanish Night””

“Only A Dreamer’s Dream”

Ages have gone bysince I have walked these streets.To look at my pastI knew the the sorrow wouldn’t last. If I were to keep anythingit would be my dignity,because without your dignityyou aren’t worth a penny.I have living only a dreamer’s dream. Many say to succeedyou have to soar with the eagles,walk with the champions,toContinue reading ““Only A Dreamer’s Dream””

“The Will To Survive”

My last breath before my deathI bestow upon thee.This our last dance of our romance,Tango, torrid and free. A tender embrace of the face,love is always the key.Life is sincerely make or breakby choosing brain over brawn, This is needed to prove you succeeded,to wander into the courageous dawn.If not life’s fire gets scorching hot,thenContinue reading ““The Will To Survive””

“A Dreamlike Reality”

A kiss from the abyssis worth a thousand words. A tender embrace of the faceis a priceless, intimate gesture. Both a desirous caress of the soul,two inner secrets of the same warm heart. When affection is ignitedimpassioned sparks fly into the night, lingering to a brand new daybathed in sunlit sweat so intense, on SummerContinue reading ““A Dreamlike Reality””