“Shooting Star Of The Heart”

Look. . . . a shooting star,as it blazes across the Indigo sky. As I stand hereunder the midnight canvas,a fierce rage of raindrowns my singed soul. Imagine dreams coming truethrough the deluge of azure rainfall. The stars are in your eyes,shining like a beacon in the dark,seeing the glimmer glisteningleads me to believe thisContinue reading ““Shooting Star Of The Heart””

“Memories Of Your Beauty”

I remember youbecause you are beautiful, because you are humanin the chaotic world we live in,as your intense light blinds my soul. I remember youbecause of your compassionate heart, because you burnwith the intensity of a thousand suns,warming our existence with your courage. I remember youbecause you make me feel human, in this cruel worldwhereContinue reading ““Memories Of Your Beauty””

“The Burn Of Love’s Touch”

Dedicated to Anabel Kluny “The Burn Of Love’s Touch” Memories of loveless nightscome crashing downwith one look from you. Fire runs rampant in my soulwith a single kissfrom your red wine lips, exploring your glimmering skinwith sensual fingertips,intoxication in the deepest night. As cries of pleasure are heardour intimate universe,vanishing is the torn past. IContinue reading ““The Burn Of Love’s Touch””

“Not So One Sided”

A three dimensional humanmy barely soul intact,after battered and torn journeys. Not one or two complexitiesmore twists present,with a spirit driven by worldly love. Feel my heartbeat in the darkfar into the sun of noon,as I search the flesh and blood sphere. Not just a ghost haunting,but a glorious naturesurviving the fire of everyday life.Continue reading ““Not So One Sided””

“The Cool Water”

Washing over gentlylike a rain shower cleansing us. Do you feel the savior from the deepas it bathes our hearts,from the sins of human pain. Drenched in the cool azure,unrelenting stormseroding away the shores, we’ve walked along for centuries,old souls journeying. A reservoir of our spiritsurrounded by aqua blue emotion. Cooling our quiet desperation,until weContinue reading ““The Cool Water””

“Love’s Natural Creation”

Growing freely in natureas natural as love is to our hearts,this flower beckoned my soul. Reminding me of our walksin the fields at night, romance grew,the brilliant stars of destiny. Delicate balance present,yet we hungered for intimacy sincerelythe cool indigo night so genuine. As I wait for your returnfrom your long journey of the world,IContinue reading ““Love’s Natural Creation””

“Dance Of Freedom”

Dancing upon the shores of lifeas free as the wind,the joys of nature beneath our feet. Swimming in the indigo waters,so filled with the promiseof a new and compassionate tomorrow. Peace lives on the wind of changelike threats in the dark,yet harmony breeds as the world sins. The dawning of a new horizonwhere humanity shines,likeContinue reading ““Dance Of Freedom””

“Paradise From Within”

Feeling not of this place,but of one far away,filled with the scent of love. Feed me not lies of peace,for I feel for this world,as brandished steel destroyshope of eternal life. Ravaged lives lie broken,mended they cannot be,except for their sacred souls,which can now find freedomin houses of the holy. Fire shall rain down daily,untilContinue reading ““Paradise From Within””

“A Peaceful Existence”

There’s a disturbancein the midnight sky so vast and widean aching need for silencein the world as we know it today. Bombs fall where tranquillityonce stood tall on sunlit days,now fire fills the skiesnothing to be heard but cries. Why does it have to bethis way in our lifetime’s humanity,stop the bloodshed now,the degradation ofContinue reading ““A Peaceful Existence””