“Miracles Live and Breathe”

As long as I have youI can’t be defeated,I will touch the sky of dreams, grab onto the shooting starblazing across the sky,of higher expectations in your eyes. Never going down in defeatas long as I can tasteyour kiss in your warm embrace, until death do us finally departon this mortal earth,surreal sometimes, but yourContinue reading ““Miracles Live and Breathe””

“Language Of Love”

Listen to hernot just hear her. Her toneher romantic tone. Her creativityin the soul so free. The artistrythat captured your spirit. A whisperin the onyx dark. Romancebeyond compare, lies withinher arms of passion. Not justtaste her kiss, but hearher desired tenderness. For allof this is language, words unspokena soul bleeding to be heard. Listen toContinue reading ““Language Of Love””

“Wish You Were Here”

I sit in the darknight after night,wanderingwhere you are. If you’restill alive,or justwandering the worldalone and cold. Wishing, hopingyou’ll wanderback into my life,for one more kiss,one more slow dance, under theromantic moonlight.I wish I couldsee you once again. I’ll never love again,you were my soul,now that you are gone,so is it forever.Yet my heart burnsContinue reading ““Wish You Were Here””

“Love’s Truest Dream”

Love is necessary for survival,necessary for mankind’s revival,open your heart’s to the possibility of forever. An eternal love affair of mankind,believe in the impossible,grab the brass ring of romantic humanity. Banish the thought of chaotic insanity,believe in shooting star wishescan come true in a concrete world, where steel skyscrapers soar skyward,so shall our hopes ofContinue reading ““Love’s Truest Dream””