“Wish You Were Here”

I sit in the darknight after night,wanderingwhere you are. If you’restill alive,or justwandering the worldalone and cold. Wishing, hopingyou’ll wanderback into my life,for one more kiss,one more slow dance, under theromantic moonlight.I wish I couldsee you once again. I’ll never love again,you were my soul,now that you are gone,so is it forever.Yet my heart burnsContinue reading ““Wish You Were Here””

“Love’s Truest Dream”

Love is necessary for survival,necessary for mankind’s revival,open your heart’s to the possibility of forever. An eternal love affair of mankind,believe in the impossible,grab the brass ring of romantic humanity. Banish the thought of chaotic insanity,believe in shooting star wishescan come true in a concrete world, where steel skyscrapers soar skyward,so shall our hopes ofContinue reading ““Love’s Truest Dream””

“Born Of Fire”

Soaring freely in the universeenables me to envisiondreams to come true like shooting stars. Yet as I fly to close to the sunmy wings are singed,leaving me spiraling towards earth. To close to the sun gets you burned,sometimes beyond compare,as you fall memories flash before your eyes. Never to see the light of dayfalling aimlessly,toContinue reading ““Born Of Fire””

“The Air That I Breathe”

Life has never been so realsince I met you,as real as the beginning of time, or the closing of your starlit eyeson a dark Summer’s night. I wake every morning to your kissof tender passion,lingering upon our silk sheets of romance. or a real embrace of humanityas we entwine anytime. The reality of our sincereContinue reading ““The Air That I Breathe””

“Upon A Soulful Night”

A collaboration by Gita GangaSingh and Timothy Michael DiVito “Upon A Soulful Night” On the bitter taste of life and love,on these dark dying days“I Can’t Breathe”Bestow upon me a kiss of lifeso our love will grow into the light. Deny me not thisas I hunger for but one embrace.“You Will Breathe”as the sunlight bathesContinue reading ““Upon A Soulful Night””

“Love’s Final Night”

I have been burningfor so long,I smell the smoke from my soul, lingering across universal time,evading the airevoking emotion in my mortal sins. Breathe I dare not, yet must,as I journeyto this thing called death’s finality. Love’s lost, love miraculously found,where do I goto discover peace of mind. . . in your arms. As IContinue reading ““Love’s Final Night””