“Regrets Not Of Love”

Pondering thoughts of love to be achieved, For you I would die to protect your smile. Never to dawn a mask that would deceive, This is the glistening smile that beguiles. In all creation nothing surely breathes, To make my blood boil like your need to touch. Crimson footsteps of paradise bequeathed. Then rivers ofContinue reading ““Regrets Not Of Love””

Poets, women and men all, follow the call

The call of the heart and soul to be devoured by that which seeks our laughter and tears. This gnawing at our humanity feeds our will to understand the weak, those in love, and the passion that is everyday life on earth. Our words flow like rivers to the oceans of mankind, seeking that whichContinue reading “Poets, women and men all, follow the call”

“Point Lookout, New York–1991”

Ten hours on a Greyhound Bus, eastbound to the Big Apple. Change of scenery, change of pace, a mindset that anything goes. Arriving after an uneventful journey, I was greeted by a break dancer who was willing to carry my bag for a fee. I accommodated with a 20 dollar bill. Took a train throughContinue reading ““Point Lookout, New York–1991””

“Phoenix Arizona- 1979

The Greyhound bus ride  was hot and dry, never a dull moment on the three day journey. Three people left behind in St. Louis never found out why. Pot smokers and beer drinkers thrown off in Oklahoma City. America’s landscape was brilliantly breathtaking Open fields, open plains nostalgic to the inhabitants new to this wideContinue reading ““Phoenix Arizona- 1979”

“Please Don’t Leave Me”

Please don’t leave me alone and chilled to the bone, away from the beauty of the world. A Monet masterpiece, A Concerto by Bach. To touch the face of God. Loving a beautiful woman. Please don’t leave me, do not close your wondrous eyes taking  your last phenomenal breath. I looked for way too long,Continue reading ““Please Don’t Leave Me””

“In The House Of Color”

A kaleidoscope of the majestic rages upon my soul this night, brilliant fiery hues meet the eye, a blue so intense, It outshines the heavens, in my forlorn soul so desperate for love’s touch. Red for romantic journeys only two lovers share so true. Purple scented reflections, bind my heart to the water of myContinue reading ““In The House Of Color””