“The Blood Of Autumn”

The kaleidoscope of autumn is a painting exploding from a heavenly, pregnant sky. Leaves of gold, bronze and red fall from smoky, twisted trees, like memories. Elongated shadows like demons, are of the devil’s breath, waiting to steal precious life. The last drop of blood falls freely upon the winter’s ground leaving the earth, paleContinue reading ““The Blood Of Autumn””

“A Sleepy Kind Of Naivete”

Where the impressions are so vivid beliefs are etched in your mind. Summer 1991, the sweltering heat forced the king crabs to seek refuge in the kettles. Where the colors singe the eye. A technicolor mosaic to the sleep. Sunrises on any morning alive in the free world of man Then the alarm wakes youContinue reading ““A Sleepy Kind Of Naivete””