“The Passing Of Wayward Man”

Tis of death this night, its demise I seek, this is not inevitable you see. We were meant to journey beyond our physical body, laying in waste in our new home, Whether we shine or burn is among our choices, not exemplary, but certain finality, A biting of the temptuous apple, or a compassionate soul,Continue reading ““The Passing Of Wayward Man””

“Society’s Rapture”

It is death I seek, the death of hate, the demise of bigotry, the closed eyes of apathy’s finality. For a true society of any esteem, cannot survive, while these black marks are alive. For it is upon us, night’s darkness, shadowing our humanity, spreading man’s wicked insanity. Tasting of bitterness, the scent of hate’sContinue reading ““Society’s Rapture””