Who are wein the society of humanity,sinner or saint on the world’s stagejourneying aimlessly. What is our purposein this play called life so genuine,merely actors exiting stage on silent queas directed by a higher power. Our romantic notions of lifeand death simply lingering smoke,hiding in the shadows of buried dreamsin paintings celestial starshine. All theContinue reading ““Masquerade””

“Simply To Breathe”

My tears burn,like acid rain fallingupon flowers of the field. Screams heard so loudlythey are heard light years away,in a universe so much like earths. In this muffled by space,my heart has painted a masterpieceof love’s need for survive in humanity. Film noir to technicolorbleeding loudly as my passion cringes,at the thought of death’s lastContinue reading ““Simply To Breathe””

“The Love Of Music’s Emotion”

Dance my friendto the beat of your own rhythm. To a Reggae songleaving us high on life’s joy. Rhythmic pulsesin the very soul of the wandering. Taste a sonata,it’s pure unadulterated pleasure. Cantata of voiceto the heavenly amazement. From a Jazzy tuneto a Rock riff extraordinnare. These are the momentshumanity lives for. . . toContinue reading ““The Love Of Music’s Emotion””

“Our Little Town Dreams”

Such a quiet little townthe lake of dreams about our lives,just across the bridge of sighs. Where life is a little sloweras reality stops moving forward,out the window of observation. Old fashioned wayswhere nostalgia is not just a memory,just a way of Americana life. Yet the hustle and bustle rollsdown to the corner store notContinue reading ““Our Little Town Dreams””