“A Wishful Moment”

You were here a moment agobreathing in and out,kissing me back to life in the morning. Wandering this world in romance,our intimate touchesburned me to the passionate core, leaving me aching for more,more of what I needto live a life filled with starshine. Under midnight magic we grew,yet, bathed by sunlightin the torrid noonday embraceContinue reading ““A Wishful Moment””

“The Story Of Life”

From your first sunriseto your last sunset,is your playground of the soul. A life long rollercoaster ride,hands in the airscream to dream phenomenal journey Trials and tribulationsbattles of the spirit,won or lost by the Free Will of Man. The amazing thrill of victory,or the bitter taste of defeatall depends upon your human courage. A romanticContinue reading ““The Story Of Life””

“This. . . Our Final Curtain”

Is life Hellor a pseudo Heavenwe live and breathe daily,hoping faithwill extinguish the fire of despair. Reach for the stars,touch their vibrancy of hopeburn like fire, yet feel no anguish,just love of self,as your dreams matter to you constantly. In this worlddiversity is the key to longevity,as the one constantflowing into the deep human ocean,traditionsContinue reading ““This. . . Our Final Curtain””

“The Drowning Witness”

Far from the worldI’m going down for the last time,a safe bastion is neededfrom the chaotic waterrising faster than I can tread. Among the brilliant starsof the celestial universe I yearnto be saved,from the deep blue turbulencebathing me in life’s despair. The blue sphere I witness,wandering aimlesslyin a sea of blackness is drowningwith my soul,Continue reading ““The Drowning Witness””

“Our Secret Place”

In the darkness I seewhat was truly meant to be,a cold embrace,never warming our secret place. I miss the lingering kissentering the passionless abyss.Is this our final darkness,bathed in death’s onyx harshness. Trying to find brilliance,hidden in the black, murky distance,our love will be our salvationending our tormented, eternal damnation. Crimson shades cover usin intimateContinue reading ““Our Secret Place””

“The Bond We Share”

You are not just my sun,but my moonmy stars of the midnightguiding me to a warm heart. . . . The sanctified radiations you effuseBurn all my negativity,I radiate purityIn your illuminated effervescence. The light from our soulsguides us to heaven,a place our love breathes,as one spirit under God. . . . The love potionourContinue reading ““The Bond We Share””

“A Lover’s Pallette”

A brush stroke of the heart,with a crimson hueupon the skin of a lover’s body. Simple sunny yellow of a smile,glistening opal variationupon the noon of a romantic day. As to the emerald of spirit,flying dangerously highin the sapphire blue of the sky. Taste of desirous kissesupon this nighttime,celestial revery entwined in black. This masterpieceContinue reading ““A Lover’s Pallette””

“Two Snow Angels”

One Winter’s daytwo beautiful angels went astray,lost in the world of man. Holding hands for comfortwalking to and fro in the glistening snow,feeling their love grow, for humanity,the compassion can stop the insanitythat man has created. Their wings blowingin the wind of the blustery, white storm,they embraced to keep warm, this is when a lightContinue reading ““Two Snow Angels””

“Seasons Of The Soul”

Faded sunlight shines throughthe withered branches of our lives,down upon the snow covered debrisof our barren, yearning hearts.Winter numbs our needful existenceto the point where a calm quietengulfs our souls. Waiting for Spring’s newnessis worth a lifetime’s wait.Sheer beauty brings tearsto the eyes of the true believersin the existence of a higher power.Birds awaken usContinue reading ““Seasons Of The Soul””