“A Dreamlike Reality”

A kiss from the abyssis worth a thousand words. A tender embrace of the faceis a priceless, intimate gesture. Both a desirous caress of the soul,two inner secrets of the same warm heart. When affection is ignitedimpassioned sparks fly into the night, lingering to a brand new daybathed in sunlit sweat so intense, on SummerContinue reading ““A Dreamlike Reality””

“In The Days Of Wine and Roses”

The sultry tone of your voicein the dark,as we embrace in the passionate dream. A single kiss to usis a journey,our passionate side of life hungered for. Not just a tender memory,but a reality,days of glistening heat, nights so torrid. Faith shining like hope,breathing within us,as we travel the broken path of life, entwining asContinue reading ““In The Days Of Wine and Roses””

“The Family Of Man”

On these hands of timeis the innocent blood of the ages,mankind’s crimson riversflowing from their heroic heartsfrom the history books. The footprints they leftas they journeyed from war to war,is imprinted in the world’s memories,did they die in vain,or will they be honored. Can we mend fences brokenwith the light of hope,for our disturbed worldContinue reading ““The Family Of Man””

“The Human Side Of Life”

Facing a brick wall of life’s hardshipmakes you believe in miracles,you either go over, through, or around it. Find a way to make a better day,even if it means bleedinga little in your quest to defeat your darkness. Taste the bitterness of the world,so the sweet momentsare that much sweeter in the soul. Let notContinue reading ““The Human Side Of Life””

“The Outer Facade”

On the inside you cryon the outside, hard as steel. Eyes calculating,lips stern, no tenderness. Heart shielded by fear,soul surrounded by deceit. The cruel, cold world engulfs,it slithers through your emotionsmaking you a survivor the hard way. But at what price to your humanness. Will it ever be your turn again,to feel, to touch, toContinue reading ““The Outer Facade””

“The Traveler”

No set course,no agenda to survive,guitar on his backmusic in his wayward soul. Guided by midnight stars,leaving behind the memoriesof a broken world,traveling a new path, one of magic. Not of wizards or spells,but of love’s amazing touchremembering good times,the bad moments all blurred into one. Journeying town to town,city to city nowhere in particulartryingContinue reading ““The Traveler””

“The Wandering Soul”

The gray skiesabove the green trees,spark the wanderer in my soul. In my supposedbrilliant mind, lurks an horizonneeded to be human. A place where love exists,a romance of nature’s passionate grace,where the gray will eventually turn blue in due time,Yet my heart will roam,searching for the elusive thing, called love’s glory.Will my gray skiesabove theContinue reading ““The Wandering Soul””