“This Broken Thing “

Cracked like an egg on the floor of life,fragile shell scatteredunderfoot of an apathetic chaotic world. Splintered like rotten dead woodtorn and tattered by weather,strewn across the forest of life. A heart shattered like tarnished dreamson the avenue of soulless hopeshadowed by desperation’s blackness. Shards of sunlit glass fallenalong the window pane,of an abandoned spirit’sContinue reading ““This Broken Thing “”

“Transition Of The World “

Like people in a dinerin and out as fast as a single breath,never remembered unless the soulis of the light of day, so vibrant. Hurried by the technology, not enjoying the technique,the art of the handshake dead as the Latin language. Spaceships to the stars,ripping through the clouds at the speed of light,burning the paperContinue reading ““Transition Of The World “”

“One Human’s Story”

Love is an aching needembedded in the human soul,until the day you die. Hungering to be releasedwith but a life saving kiss of truth,bestow it upon me, as I wander aimlesslyon this Earth searching for intimacy,all I can find are broken hearts, shattered by the heavy handof what life burdens our spirits with,lack of trustContinue reading ““One Human’s Story””

“Love’s In Sync Rhythm “

As I wander in the dark aloneI remember the light in your azure eyes,guiding me to Heaven’s embrace. Onyx avenues are lonelyas I seek the warmth of passion,glistening city streets call my name. Leading me to our bed of silk dreams,taste my tears having you not here,leaves hole in my desolate soul. I will againContinue reading ““Love’s In Sync Rhythm “”

“Only Glorious Silence”

“Only Glorious Silence” My soul is paleas the moonlight on a dying night,its shimmer has vanishedby way of shattered dreams on the wind. I taste not of love’s kiss,but of death’s embrace so desolate,do not follow me, for where I am traveling, death shadows me. No grace of touchfor that of a wandering man voidContinue reading ““Only Glorious Silence””

“Heart Of The Rising Sun “

Took my heartso far away from me, with youit shall stay forever. I am here,it is there on a starless nightbeating in your hand. Do you feel it,it beckons to you so tenderly,wandering in your soul, trying to findthe home it found many years ago,is it possible my sweet love. To begin at the beginning,orContinue reading ““Heart Of The Rising Sun “”

“A Verse Of Human Love “

The magic in my soulcannot be tarnished by life’s hell. It cannot be diminishedby the greed of mankind’s ignorance. It flows onwardinto the ocean of mankind’s destiny. The words will march onuntil my eyes close, my final breath. I will write a verse of loveeven when I am not sincerely it. My stanzas of humanContinue reading ““A Verse Of Human Love “”

“The Sun Of One Song “

When you singthe sun shines in my soul,just one noteof love’s music sends me to heaven. Not just a symphony,but a single chorus of passion’s intensity,makes me feel fire in desireuntil I burn. . . never to return to the pain. Vibrant as the sunshining like a noon day epiphany,a torrid Rock melodydrains my heartContinue reading ““The Sun Of One Song “”