“A New Shining Sun”

Gray days are these bringing men to their knees,while all along the watchtower dreams die.Mankind must stand tall, this must be a need,as the eagles must surely skyward fly. Freedom to choose our path grows us strong,on our diverse journey through time and space.In this compassionate world we belong,remembering never to fall from grace. YetContinue reading ““A New Shining Sun””

“For The Love Of An Angel”

Golden hair upon a crown of glory, skin pristine like tender alabaster. This is our true romantic love story, free as the wind you have no master. Wandering in strength upon the free night, soaring in your mind’s eye freedom’s sake. Always drawn like a moth to hopeful light, cautious my young heart would neverContinue reading ““For The Love Of An Angel””

“Such A Graceful Embrace”

The sky burns without your passionate eyes, as does my heart without your loving touch. The kaleidoscope of the western sky, lets my dead spirit run freely as such. Your eyes rise far above the vibrant moon, bathing my soul in such romantic brilliance. Your intoxicating love gone to soon, mourning the loss of suchContinue reading ““Such A Graceful Embrace””