“Regrets Not Of Love”

Pondering thoughts of love to be achieved, For you I would die to protect your smile. Never to dawn a mask that would deceive, This is the glistening smile that beguiles. In all creation nothing surely breathes, To make my blood boil like your need to touch. Crimson footsteps of paradise bequeathed. Then rivers ofContinue reading ““Regrets Not Of Love””

“Yet But A Single Rose”

Never thinking of eloquent words enough, Believing in memories would get me through. The road I less traveled truly got rough, I sincerely died as time quickly flew. Just a man with no memorable name, Never seeking the bright lights of glory. Desperately avoiding fortune or fame, A sad journey of a lonely story. OnContinue reading ““Yet But A Single Rose””

“True Love’s Serenity”

Words of wisdom on the tongue like fine wine, yet fear is savored clouding open minds. Understandably not upon the vine, yet neither shall not leave true love behind. Tis true that you possess an angel’s touch, calming the rage in my once broken heart. With eloquence running freely as such, knowing our true loveContinue reading ““True Love’s Serenity””