“Sunset To Sunrise”

Such a brilliant sunsetin your eyes tonight,as I believe you are my savior, leading me on journeys unfulfilleddown paths not walked,now epiphanies should be lived. Upon one kiss I shall dineto feed my hunger,on your intimate passion of soul. Love me until I surely die tomorrow,hopefully tomorrownever comes, lonely of dark. And I need yourContinue reading ““Sunset To Sunrise””

“Contemplating Love At A Local Tavern”

The bartender was receptive as usual.He really didn’t have any choice being trapped behind the bar for eight hours a night. I told the bartender I wasn’t here for conquests, but for Mrs. Right.Champagne, roses and violins were more my style. As I took another mouthfulof cold Budweiser, I realized some shining of my armorContinue reading ““Contemplating Love At A Local Tavern””

“Rhythm Of The Rain”

Looking the front windowI see the rain,falling from a pregnant sky, washing away memories of you,as it beats, beatson my lonely window pain. The droplets scatter hurriedlylike your love did,away from my thunderous soul. The damp earth saturatedby the deluge,is how our kisses used to be. Flowing rain in a thunderstorm,passionate and wildto the thunderContinue reading ““Rhythm Of The Rain””

“Motel Under The Turnpike”

Avocado green walls,gold circle wall paper trimabove curtains of flower fields. . . .my window to the world. A mirrored wallto witness what I have become,only known to my soulthat I have seen the pain in it. A desperate smile on my face,trying not embrace the manI used to be in the past,yet it’s difficultContinue reading ““Motel Under The Turnpike””

“A Worldly Love”

Warm Brownstoneson the New York’s Westside,especially in Autumn’s crisp breeze. New York is for lover’s that never sleep. An intoxicating locationthe wandering Seven Hills of Rome,tasting fine wine lips of romance. Degusta zione di vino labbra di romanticism. Strolling the Des Champs Elyseesin the extraordinare of the city lights,of passionate Paris of intimate moments. Dan’sContinue reading ““A Worldly Love””

“Isn’t Love Grand?”

Elusive as love may be at times,eventually it finds youwhen you least expect it. Hidden away in your darkened heartis love’s light,quivering in the blackness of lies. Lies that destroyed the fragile emotion,maybe the most powerfulyet faith is surely shattered daily. Hold on for the electric ride of a lifetimeentwined on a bed of romance,kissContinue reading ““Isn’t Love Grand?””

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