Childhood Nostalgia

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Image Credit: Lubomirkin/Unsplash Gone those days,Gone those nights,Gone those innocence,Gone those fairy tales. We used to be naked,Inside and out,Yet there was no shame,Instead there was sparkling gleams. Smile so dear,Stone might melt,Beauty and mystery everywhere,Kindness so deeply felt. Now we are fully clothed,Inside and out,Yet we are full of shame,Pity…

Life a Journey

Originally posted on oozingminds:
Everyday i think, how i am gonna end Will i be a majestic lion or a petty coward When death strikes me, will there be a smile Oh dear, this feelings has caught me in a while Someday i fear, will i ever fulfill my dream The mystic sunbath, the innocence…

“Not Just A Pretty Face”

An oasis on the desert of the earth. Brilliant eyes of the midnight stars. Ruby reds, tender of romantic truth. Soulfully mine, yet the strength of self. Ageless wisdom, yet as beautiful as a Spring rose. Dreams of brilliance, aspirations to be fulfilled. Glorious times are of these so genuine, of strength of the heatContinue reading ““Not Just A Pretty Face””